4 December 2013

SFR BRIGADE PRESENTS - Codename: White Princess, The Girls from Alcyone III

Posting from my WiP
TGfA III: Codename: White Princess (working title)

The Girls From Alcyone is the continuing story of two very special young women who find themselves at the heart of a conflict spanning more than forty worlds.

THIS WEEK: I'm very excited. This is my first posting ever for SFR Brigade Presents. Andit's my first posting from my new WiP TGfA III

This scene is from the very beginning of White Princess -- though that might change. But then that's why we call it a work in progress.

The gamblers den lay down a narrow flight of stone steps. Water dripped down the length of the stone wall making the stairs slick and treacherous. Suko took care as she made her way down, keeping one hand against the crumbling mortar of the wall. The noise grew louder ahead: the sounds of music, many voices raised, each person trying to make themselves heard above the din.
She counted at least seventy-five persons inside, most of them male, most of them sitting around tables, and engaged in various games of chance. Smoke hung thick in the air, as did the sharp stench of unwashed bodies and spilled ale. And blood.

Pulling back the hood, she shook the rain from her short cloak. Water beaded on the fine black material of her one-piece outfit, dripping down and pooling at her feet. Three men standing by the bar looked up, taking note of her entrance. Suko was in no mood. Casually, she lifted the cloak back over her shoulder to better reveal the large-caliber recoilless holstered to her thigh. The men turned back to their ale, wisely choosing drink over any foolhardy attempts at flirtation.

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Cheers, Cary!

3 December 2013

Thank You!

The Machines of Bellatrix went live on Amazon this November (2013). We had an amazing opening month, and sales far exceeded my hopes and expectations. Even The Girls From Alcyone had one of its best sales months ever. So, to everyone who picked up a copy…

Thank you!

I promised myself I would never ask this, but here I am, about to break that promise: If you did read Machines, and if you enjoyed it, I would love it if you could take a moment and stop by Amazon and post a short review (or even a long one!). Good reviews are the lifeblood of books, and we Indy Writers can use all the plugs we can get. So, if you have read Machines, or The Girls, please, please post a review. I'll be forever in your debt - if I'm not already.

Now, back to writing TGfA III.