1 December 2015


I seriously need to thank everyone who picked up a copy of Codename: Night Witch (thank you!). Two years was an awful long time to make you wait, so I couldn't be more grateful to you for (remembering Sigrid) and for taking the time to grab a copy - and for reading it. 

And, thanks to all of you, Night Witch is now the fastest selling TGfA book yet. It's been an insane opening two weeks. The launch has gone well beyond my hopes or expectations. Night Witch hit several of the top ten best seller lists across Amazon, not to mention hitting No. 1 on charts for "Hot New Releases" in SciFi/Dystopian.

And it's all because of you!

I'm especially grateful for those of you who posted reviews and ratings on Amazon and Goodreads. Those stars mean a whole hell of a lot to us Indie writers (they're pretty much our front line marketing tools).

So cheers to you! You're the absolute best.

Codename: Night Witch
The Girls from Alcyone III

20 November 2015

Codename: Night Witch, The Girls from Alcyone Book 3

Codename: Night Witch
The Girls from Alcyone III

The unthinkable has happened. Sigrid Novak—the most dangerous and wanted person in the history of the Federation of Corporate Enterpriseshas been captured. For her sisters of New Alcyone, the people who love her, this is a staggering loss. For the Independents, the rebels who captured her, this is a boon beyond measure.

If they can finally figure out how to control her.

Now, six years have passed since the events of Bellatrix, and for six years Sigrid Novak has been gone, vanished, with no sign, no word and no trace. But all has not been quiet within the Federation. The Council for Trade and Finance has been murdered, assassinated, and the death toll among the Federation's ruling elite continues to rise.

With every corporate enclave that falls, the legend grows. They call her the Night Witch. A champion to some, a nightmare for others. Wherever she goes, death is soon to follow. 

Then, in an abandoned CTF research facility—and after so many years lost—a woman awakens. Her name is Sigrid Novak. And she is very, very angry.

13 September 2015

TGfA 3 Gets A New Name

Updated Sept. 14, 2015

A New Name For The White Princess:

If you've been to my web site before then you might notice a slight change. For the last year and a half I've been calling TGfA III Codename: White Princess. Well, that's all changed. Say hello to the Night Witch.

On My Silence:

I've been silent on this book for a while. Too long, according to many of you, and I get that. This silence hasn't had anything to do with me not working on it. In fact, it's been quite the opposite. But the deeper I got into this book, the more I wanted to keep the lid on it. For a couple of reasons.

First, I decided to keep my mouth shut for fear of raising false expectations as to the release date. It seems every time I open my mouth, I say things like "It'll be done in two days!" or something equally nonsensical. These kinds of statements are always born out of my foolish excitement for wanting to finish and share it as soon as possible. I'm excited! I can't help it.

The second reason for my silence has been the simple fact that anything I say about this book will only end up being a HUGE spoiler. If you read Bellatrix, then I'm sure you'll get that. I left Sigrid in quite the bind. Even writing the synopsis for Night Witch has been a challenge, because I don't want to give anything away.

But the good news is, I'm ready to end the silence and open my mouth. Codename: Night Witch isn't finished yet (I'm writing the penultimate chapter as we speak), but this latest draft is all but done (with inevitable rewrites, additions and editing still to come).

But I have booked my editor for October. It's coming!

And if you just can't wait, you can grab a sneak peak here, as I've posted the prologue chapter, complete with typos..

Read a draft of the prologue here!

18 February 2015

THE GIRLS FROM ALCYONE III, Codename: White Princess

Posting from my WiP
Codename White Princess

The Girls From Alcyone is the continuing story of two very special young women who find themselves at the heart of a conflict spanning more than forty worlds.

It's been a long time since I've posted any snippets. The big problem with this book is finding snippets that don't act as complete spoilers. Many things have happened to Sigrid since we last saw her on Bellatrix. Here's a small sampling.

The thunderhawk was gone, disintegrated. The ground where it crashed was blackened and charred. Unspent fuel lay burning in wide puddles. Piles of burning wreckage lay strewn everywhere.
They were dead. All of them. Yet she had survived.
Sigrid understood. She was designed to survive—at all costs. The Kimura Corporation had made her this way. Her other memories might have been stolen, but this singular knowledge they had left with her: she was a killer, she was a weapon, and that was something they would never let her forget. 
Sigrid screamed, driving her fist into the ground. If they wanted killing, then she'd be more than happy to oblige. She would kill them all.

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SciFi Fantasy Saturday is a web-ring of fab SciFi & Fantasy writers and posters. All are welcome to join and participate. In fact, join and participate! Fifteen sentences every Saturday is all it takes.

Cheers, Cary!