18 February 2015

THE GIRLS FROM ALCYONE III, Codename: White Princess

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Codename White Princess

The Girls From Alcyone is the continuing story of two very special young women who find themselves at the heart of a conflict spanning more than forty worlds.

It's been a long time since I've posted any snippets. The big problem with this book is finding snippets that don't act as complete spoilers. Many things have happened to Sigrid since we last saw her on Bellatrix. Here's a small sampling.

The thunderhawk was gone, disintegrated. The ground where it crashed was blackened and charred. Unspent fuel lay burning in wide puddles. Piles of burning wreckage lay strewn everywhere.
They were dead. All of them. Yet she had survived.
Sigrid understood. She was designed to survive—at all costs. The Kimura Corporation had made her this way. Her other memories might have been stolen, but this singular knowledge they had left with her: she was a killer, she was a weapon, and that was something they would never let her forget. 
Sigrid screamed, driving her fist into the ground. If they wanted killing, then she'd be more than happy to oblige. She would kill them all.

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Cheers, Cary!


  1. Yes, they made her a weapon.- not smart of them to piss her off...

    1. It's weird. Everyone thinks they can push her around. Don't they know?

  2. Oh, crap! Somebody was not thinking things through very clearly by trying to kill off Sigrid. That just makes her mad.

  3. When is this coming out? I can't read the second until the third one comes out.

    1. Hi Sara. I've learned from my past mistakes not to give timelines. My current schedule is to finish this draft (third and hopefully last) in the next month or so, and then do one more pass before a final edit.