13 January 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

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Snippet from The Girls From Alcyone

Well, I reallllly wanted to post a snip from the knew book, but it's just so darned WiPpy and I'm feeling like a weenie, so you'll have to endure another week with a snippet from book one. 

I'm also really hungry at the moment, so I thought this snippet might be appropriate. Here, the Lady Hitomi Kimura takes the girls to her favourite eatery (in a bad part of town).

"Here!" Hitomi exclaimed, leading the girls into a crowded little shack, glowing with the warm lights from paper lanterns. The air was thick with steam and the wonderful smells of broth and cooking vegetables. "Phong! My good man, you look positively ghastly."
Old Phong ran out from behind his counter to greet Hitomi. Sigrid thought he did look ghastly, what with his scruffy hair, spotted withered hands and awesomely blackened teeth. But his face lit up at the sight of Hitomi and the girls. Cooing and chattering, he ushered them into his establishment and seated them in pride of place by his counter.
Sigrid looked around the little soup kitchen; the place wasn't without its charm, as long as she didn't examine the layers of grease and dirt on the floors and walls too closely.
Hitomi seemed to love it though, especially when the three of them were presented with steaming bowls of delicious-smelling soup. Sigrid marveled at the presentation; the vegetables and meat were cut and layered with such precision and care.


  1. Your imagery is always wonderful, especially the ruined Earth passages. I was right there with them.

    BTW, I am so enjoying GIRLS! :)

  2. Still remember this scene...definitely signs of a great book. :-)

  3. Sounds like a delightfully dingy place to go and dine! With food that's just right too!

  4. You ARE a weenie but we love you :)
    And hey, ever been to Waikiki? The places are a lot like this lol looks creepy and gross but the food is to die for. Nice snippet!

  5. I should have known better than to read this snippet on an empty stomach. ;) I can practically smell the soup.

    The description of the place reminds me of a few little bistros in Seattle, too.

  6. I'm with Diana, you weenie! I loved this scene (and many more) because it's very true. Sometimes, the dingiest places serve the best food! Good stuff!

  7. Patrick: Yah, I lived in Vancouver for ages - sooo many good soup places there. We just had a new (awesome) Vietnamese soup place open here in Fredericton. I'm stocked!

  8. I loved the description of the soup shop, felt like I was there, mmm.

  9. Loving the visuals in this :D

  10. Now I'm hungry! This reminded me of all the little side road eating houses I saw in Taiwan. All ramshackle and a bit grubby, but the best food!