9 March 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

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Snippet from my WiPpet
The Girls From Alcyone II: The Gilded Age
For those not familiar with TGfA, here's the premise in a nutshell: Taken from her home as a young girl, Sigrid Novak is one of a select and highly trained group of genetically (and bionically) enhanced girls. Both hunted and coveted (as a military asset and scientific curiosity), Sigrid and her friends have fled fled the Federation to make a new life for themselves on a secret and distant planet (a secret that, perhaps, won't stay secret for long). 

This Week: Having been summoned to Crucis Prime by Marylyn Lawther, head of the Mercenary Guild, Sigrid musters the courage to break the news to Suko that it's time for her to leave New Alcyone.
 Suko rolled over, putting her head back down on her pillow, her back to Sigrid. "Then I suppose you'll be leaving—off on some mission in service to the Great Lady."
"Yes," Sigrid said; she refused to take the bait, folding her arms across her chest, hoping the action would somehow help to keep her composure. She'd been worried about this—worried about how Suko would greet the news. It hurt her dearly that there was still so much tension between the Lady Hitomi and Suko. Both women meant so much to her, but for such different reasons. "But it's not Hitomi," Sigrid said, at last. "It's Ms. Lawther. She's asked for me. I need to go to Crucis."
"You—Crucis?" Suko asked, sitting up; Sigrid could see her curiosity winning out over her annoyance—for the moment. "Why, what is it?"
Sigrid leaned back against the little ledge by the window. "I don't know—the Lady Hitomi doesn't know. The missive didn't say—it just said, I was to come to Crucis."
Suko pulled the light cotton sheet around her, as if from a chill.  "That seems a little odd—why wouldn't she say? What could she want? It's a bit cryptic, if you ask me."
"I know. And that's why I have to go."


  1. I get the feeling this is going to turn out a lot like horror flicks where co-eds go down into the basement even though the light switch isn't working...good thing Sigrid can hold her own. ;-)

  2. Agree with T.M. She just needs to stay in bed.

    Great way to use dialog to keep the tension up. Nice snippet.

  3. I hate it when Sigrid and Suko have to separate. :(

    Nice tension!

  4. I can feel the tension building, brewing up to something bad. Great snippet!!

  5. Nice tension here. Wonderful sense of Sigrid's sense of duty.

  6. Must they argue? I hate it when they argue.

    But, duty calls. Good, tense snippet!

  7. Nice build up of suspense. Cryptic, odd--yikes!

  8. Cryptic indeed ... don't keep us hanging then :-P

  9. Ooo, mystery and intrigue! At least it's made Suko a little less cross with her.

  10. Hmmm, what will happen on the mission? Great snippet.