1 March 2013

SciFi-Fantasy Saturday

Welcome to another edition of SciFi Fantasy Saturday - our little web-ring of fab SciFi & Fantasy writers and posters. Check out snippets from other SFFS authors here: scififansat.blogspot.com

This Week: Posting from "The Girls From Alcyone II: Freelancer."

If you've been following these snips then you know that we're on a speeding TGV on the remote factory-planet Bellatrix, and Dr. Farrington, after fleeing the disaster at Scorpii, has been caught by a mysterious 'fat man.' 

Last week we revealed the 'fat man's' name. Today, we learn a little more about Admiral Henry Thomas Mirren. Oh, and if you've read the first book then this snippet will be HUGE .... or, at least make more sense. ;)

Admiral Mirren withdrew two tiny, and horrifically-overpriced bottles of whiskey from the courtesy bar, draining one in one gulp, twisting open the next before sitting back down.
Freelancers. He couldn't help but smile—the simple fact of the matter was, the affair he was involved in was exactly the kind of thing these rogues were looking for. His role in the proceedings was simple; the Freelancers would get their show, but they would see only what he allowed them to see, when he allowed them to see it.
But, that time was not yet now. 
Admiral Mirren checked his watch; Farrington would be aboard the transport now, safely on his way. Without getting up he tapped the door to the adjoining cabin. It opened instantly.
"Lady Kimura," Admiral Mirren said, addressing the older woman.
"Henry, I trust all went well."


  1. LoL. How did you guys find my post. I thought I was banned this week. ;)

    1. I caught it through the blog roll I have on my site... ;-)

    2. I remembered seeing your name on the sign up post. Then it disappeared. I got curious... :D And come on, Cary...we're your biggest fans. Duh.

  2. I take it Lady Kimura is not a new character?

    I LOVE horrifically overpriced whiskey!

  3. You were number 2 on the list when I went there.
    Somehow Lady Kimura has an air of "I've heard of her somewhere" about her.

  4. From the whiskey drinking, I'm guessing this will be an uncomfortable (though important) meeting.

  5. You were on the list when I click through to all the posts. :)

    Nice snippet. Love the quip about the overpriced whiskey. Never drink from the courtesy bar!

  6. I have not read the first book, so the hugeness of this snippet doesn't quite resonate. But very good writing! :-)

    And you were on the list with everyone else. Number 2, in fact.

  7. With Lady Kimura, the price of the whiskey is worth it.