1 September 2013


Interesting news? (Kinda. Maybe.) 

I woke up to realize that I'd sold my 10,000th book last night. I suppose whether or not this is 'big news' is a case of perspective. 10k in book-sales is hardly going to send a ripple through the publishing world. On the other hand, as someone who's doing this all by themselves, I'm pretty darn proud! I may even twerk - maybe (I'll post videos, I promise).

Ten-K is a bit of a milestone (for me). It's the sales goal I set for myself when I decided to try my hand at writing and publishing. Like anyone who's tried writing, I know I got a lot of funny looks from friends when I told them I was doing this - more so, when I announced how many I wanted to sell, so yes, hitting that mark is pretty cool.

The funny thing about targets though, is once you reach them (maybe even before you reach them), you're already thinking about the next target. What's my next goal? That's easy. Add a zero. I've marked my calendar: 100,000 books sold by 2018. People thought I was off my nut when I said 10k by 2014, so I'm sure a few more of you will think I'm crazy or half-baked, but that's my goal.

Is this goal possible? It's hard to say. The marketplace is changing week to week. There's more and more Indy-books out there crowding the web, and rumours abound that Amazon has changed the nature of its search-bots to draw attention away from Indy Books like mine, so who knows. I also haven't helped my cause by taking so long to get my second full-length novel out. Writers who sell produce lots (way more than me). But I'm still learning, and this experiment is definitely a work in progress.

Check back in 2018 and I'll let you know how it's all working out!

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  1. Kick the tires and light the fires! There are a lot of people waiting to help you reach your goal, but that egg won't hatch if you just keep sitting on it. True!?!?!