27 April 2012

Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday

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Snippet from my WiPpet
The Girls From Alcyone II: Vengeance
For those not familiar with TGfA, here's the premise in a nutshell: Taken from her home as a young girl, Sigrid Novak is one of a select and highly trained group of genetically (and bionically) enhanced girls. Both hunted and coveted (as a military asset and scientific curiosity), Sigrid and her friends have fled the Federation to make a new life for themselves on a secret and distant planet (a secret that, perhaps, won't stay secret for long). 

This Week: Fresh from an afternoon in the shops, the girls hit the pub for a refreshing beverage only to find themselves turning a few heads.

Sigrid could hardly blame all the attention they were getting on Leta alone. Her little group painted quite the picture; all of them sporting new outfits, their arms full of packages, shopping bags slung over their shoulders and hanging off their arms. Even Suko, who considered her collection of balisong knives to be sensible jewelry, sported a colorful new dress. It had taken much cajoling from Karen and Leta to get her into the thing. Suko still thought she looked ridiculous, but Sigrid thought she was marvelous.
"I still don't see how you can call this a dress," Suko said, tugging at the short hem. "I'm positive you pulled this off the shirt racks. Look—you can see my—"
"Well, of course—when you stand like that," Karen said, giving Suko her most patient of looks. "It's the style—trust me."
"Easy for you to say," Suko said, clearly not convinced, and pointing to Karen's new slacks. "You've still got your trews on."


  1. Oh dear - very funny! Can just picture it!

  2. Hee hee...can't wait for this one to come available. Fun snippet! :-)

  3. "It's the style - trust me." Hahah, love that. Hope there was shoes in those shopping bags, else JC Cassels wouldn't be happy about it.

  4. Yes, there had better be some "impossibly high heels" in there, or else why bother shopping?

    Love this bit, but then I love shopping in any form!

  5. What they didn't tell her is that it really is a long shirt she's wearing. Surprise! Great excerpt!

    1. Let's just hope she wasn't going 'regimental'. I'm trying to keep this book 'wardrobe-malfunction-free'.

  6. Love it! Can't wait to read this one (after reading book 1, obv :p):D

  7. I'm in complete agreement with Suko about the balisong knives. ;)

    Great snippet! Can't wait to read the book. :)

  8. I'm in agreement with Suko on the dress. I've tried on a few of those and tried to figure out how the heck you move without flashing. The answer is - you can't.

  9. Heehee, loved the humor. I hope Suko figures out how to sit like a lady and keep her panties covered!

  10. As long as she isn't going commando... >.<