13 April 2012

Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday

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The Girls From Alcyone II: Vengeance
For those not familiar with TGfA, here's the premise in a nutshell: Taken from her home as a young girl, Sigrid Novak is one of a select and highly trained group of genetically (and bionically) enhanced girls. Both hunted and coveted (as a military asset and scientific curiosity), Sigrid and her friends have fled fled the Federation to make a new life for themselves on a secret and distant planet (a secret that, perhaps, won't stay secret for long). 

This Week - Prisoner: Sigrid awakens to find herself a prisoner of the Federation's Office of Naval Intelligence (oh no!).
Sigrid tried to lift her arm, tried to shield her eyes with her hand, only to find both her arms and her legs locked in metal restraints. Even her head was held in place, strapped down to the polished steel gurney.

Mercifully, her Primary Control Module was still online. Sigrid scanned her systems. Whatever had happened, she still had control. It took only a moment to reboot her neural net, reintegrate her various functions, scan her telemetry.

Stasis—they'd put her in bloody stasis.

She knew she'd been a fool, clumsy and careless. All the warning signs, so obvious now, flashed back in her mind; the alley, deserted and quiet, the sudden call to meet with the woman in green. She should never have let them take her; the fact that she had yet to make her escape only compounded her ill feelings toward herself. But her friends—her friends had escaped, and the location of New Alcyone was still secret.
For now, that was enough. It had to be.


  1. Secrets have a way of not staying secret.

  2. Never agree to meet a woman in green!

    1. And here I thought it was just women in black we had to worry about.

  3. And, let's hope that New Alcyone's location remains a secret. Something tells me that it won't.

  4. Oh-nooo, not the woman in green!! I agree with Patrick...something tells me the new digs will be in trouble soon.

  5. How on Alcyone is Sigrid going to get out of stasis? I'm with them guys... a woman in green? New Alcyone's days are numbered.

    (Ignoring the obvious comment about Naval Intelligence being an oxymoron.)

  6. Oooo.... I see a fight coming.

  7. Oooh. I'm intrigued. Nice snippet.

  8. I'm scared of whoever nabbed her, because I just don't see Sigrid going down without a fight in the first place...but yup, someone's going to be hurting once she finds a way out of her current predicament.

  9. So excited about this, Cary!

    Wonderful snippet, as usual.

  10. Great snippet full of conflict. can't wait to see how she gets away.

  11. I hope she gets the chance to learn from her mistake! O.o

  12. I hope she gets the chance to learn from her mistake! O.o