13 July 2012

A Showdown In Waiting

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Snippet from my WiPpet
The Girls From Alcyone II: Vengeance

This Week: Seeking answers to her past, Sigrid explores a darkened warehouse, looking to confront the mysterious woman in green.

Sigrid reached out with all of her sensory nodes, but as much as her spine tingled she sensed nothing from the interior of the warehouse. A scattering of intermodal shipping containers littered the floor, the hundred-meter-long boxes lying open and empty. Above her, the giant cranes used for moving the containers hung silent and motionless. 
In the engineering complex she'd cursed the mercenary soldiers for walking into a such an obvious trap, and yet, here she was, openly inviting the same fate. But she hadn't come here to retreat, to run away. Whomever, whatever, was waiting for her, she was determined to confront them.
Just as they were eager to confront her.


  1. Getting my comment in before Saturday, but definitely take the fight to the source, I say!

  2. This a great selection of sentences. I get to experience a nice snippet in the book and it has a great last line. Sigrid isn't fearless, because she's smart, but she's damned brave to know it's not right, but still want to confront it, either way.

  3. Reading the description of the place has put me on edge...and I'm at work!

  4. My danger capacitor is active, that's for sure.

    1. I fried my danger capacitor. But that's because I felt a spider on my leg. Or maybe that was my wuss-capacitor. Either way.

  5. Yes, this description is great. Creepy place.

  6. Creepy, but what's the significance of the italicized boxes?

  7. It's maybe time to do what I did the other night, when the burglar alarm went off at 3am. Runn in like a manian, armed with the only thing to hand, the misuses hair-sprap, and scream, "COME ON THEN, YOU BA$&*£S!!!"
    It worked for me!!