6 July 2012

Girls 'N Guns - SciFi Fantasy Saturday

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Snippet from my WiPpet
The Girls From Alcyone II: Vengeance

This Week: Leta shows off her guns. No, really!

While Leta was mounting the last of her weapons to her harness, Sigrid spied something of interest; an unusual weapon clipped to her back.
   "May I…?"
   Leta unslung the ancient-looking rifle presenting it to Sigrid with a smirk. "Ma'am."
   The weapon turned out to be a short-barreled shot-gun, and very, very old, by the looks of it. The worn wooden grips were dark with age, smooth after decades of handling. The twin barrels looked to have been cut and filed down, too. Incredibly, it only fired a single shot, but Sigrid knew the shortened double-barrels would provide savage stopping power, capable of unleashing a devastating spread of pellets, obliterating anything in their path.
   "For crowd control," Leta explained. "These mercenary boys can be all hands, trust me."


  1. A blast from a sawed-off will certainly eliminate the hands problem. And the heads and guts and legs problems...

  2. Heh...laughed out loud at the last line...fun snippet! Is this thing almost ready for the public? :-)

  3. LOL Gotta love Leta's choices. Good snippet!

    Mirroring T. M., how soon are we going to see this available to everyone?

    1. Lots and lots of work to do still. I'm not expecting to release it until the fall, at this point.

  4. Ah yes, those handsy mercs can be annoying. Love it! Great snippet and like everyone else, I'm looking forward to the release.

  5. Isn't a sawed-off shotgun a bit - ah - extreme for groping hands? Especially if it's so obsolete they might not recognize the threat?

  6. For crowd control. HA HA HA!! Good stuff!

  7. Crowd control. *laughs* Great stuff!

  8. Ha! Great snippet and description of the gun. :D

  9. I suspect the hands might do worse than grope!

    I shot my Dad's Old Betsy once, not sawed off. Made my shoulder ache with the kick.

  10. I love this snippet. The details of the gun, the dialogue-all of it works together really well.