29 June 2012

Shave & A Haircut - SciFi Saturday

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Snippet from my WiPpet
The Girls From Alcyone II: Vengeance

This Week: It's another close call (and brush with death) for Sigrid. This snip takes place right after said melée.

"Your hair!" Suko said, touching the side of Sigrid's head. 
Sigrid's own hand came up instinctively; she felt the spot where the sword had very nearly cleaved her head clean off. A large chunk of her hair had been carved out leaving a long shaven spot just above her ear. It was sticky with blood, the blade had come that close.
"I think this is what they mean by close shave," Suko said, examining Sigrid's new hair cut.
"Is it bad?"
"Don't worry. I'm sure Karen can fix it."
"Not my hair—the wound, you silly…"


  1. Oh no! Not the hair!! Great little snippet. Sounds like my encounter with chewing gum eons ago, and a pair of scissors to deal with it. Minus the cut, of course.

  2. I love how the reader gets a feel for their two, distinct, personalities just through the dialogue. Awesome example of "show, don't tell".

  3. Sounds like their priorities are slightly different.

  4. Lol. I'd be worried about the hair, I'm afraid. Fun snippet.

  5. Don't mess with the hair! Heh :D