15 February 2013

Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday

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This Week: Posting from "The Girls From Alcyone II: Freelancer."


This will be the last of the string of snippets following Dr. Farrington aboard the TGV. To continue would be to delve into spoiler territory. So, enjoy this final tease. After this it will be back to the girls.

The fat man glared at him; with impatience, or disappointment, Farrington wasn't sure.
"My dear doctor, if all we wanted was to have you killed, I could have arranged that when we spotted you at the Transit Authority on Hadar—or simply killed you myself the moment we took our seats. I see how you regard me. I promise you, though, despite my, er, generous frame, I am quite capable of handling myself in physical combat."
Dr. Farrington believed him. He had been around mercenaries enough, seen that look before; the look of men who had taken the lives of others. He nodded and rubbed at his still-reddening wrist.
"If you're not here to kill me, then why? Why here, why now?"
"Because, Doctor, you did leave Scorpii with something—something very important. Something that belongs to us."


  1. What? What did he leave with?? That was quite a cliff-hanger :)

  2. Oh, maaaan! You can't just leaving it hanging like that!! Urg!! Nicely done, though. I'm really looking forward to reading this in its entirety!!

  3. I like the merc with a few extra pounds. Breaking the stereotype. I'd like to read more about him. Great tension. Great hook. I'm in.

  4. Farrington is turning out to be an intriguing character, Cary. I'm already invested in his storyline.

    :) Heidi

    1. Farrington is just one of those characters who only gets (barely) introduced in book one because of narrative constraints. He's one of the reasons I'm completely re-writing book two. I realized all these minor characters needed to have their day in the sun.

  5. Ruh roh, Raggy! Just what did he take with him? I must know!

    Also, I believe you meant "the look of men WHO had taken lives" in the third paragraph. Not sure if you are aware of it or not.

  6. Maybe even 'whom!' I guess I should have taken a moment to proof before posting. Doh! Well, these are WiP's, right?


  7. I like the...er... substantial mercenary (I won't call him fat - I suspect doing so might annoy him, which could be very bad for my health). A nicely different example of the ilk, but retaining a suitable sense of menace. Great snippet!

  8. Something they want---information?

  9. Dun Dun Duuuunnn!

    I'm going to have to buy this, aren't I?