21 June 2013

A PROPOSAL: Week Five of Merchantman/Freelancer. SciFiFanSat!

Posting from my WiP

The Girls From Alcyone is the continuing story of two very special young women who find themselves at the heart of a conflict spanning more than forty worlds.

LAST WEEK: Sigrid shared a drink with the trader, Corbin Price. This week, the Merchantman offers something to Sigrid: a job that will make use of her unique talents.

"There is a man arriving at the station tomorrow - he has stolen from us. I want to see that he is hurt in return."
Sigrid considered the simple command, and inferred the meaning behind it. All her life she had been trained as a mercenary, as a soldier, and yes, an assassin; she had taken lives and done so without hesitation. But that had been her choice, her duty. Until this moment she hadn't truly appreciated how it would feel to have someone ask her to kill another. What was it the mercenaries said? For coin and contract?

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Cheers, Cary!


  1. Great stuff...but hopefully Sigrid finds a way to get out of becoming a paid assassin. Either that, or the target is a waste-of-flesh that deserves it for other reasons. :-)

  2. The decision to delve into wetwork is not a light one to make. I hope Sigrid makes the right choice.

  3. How much is your soul worth, Sigrid? I love a good moral dilemma.

  4. It's riveting to see her actually consider the difference between this and the other kills she's made. I love "for coin and contract."

  5. "For coin and contract?"--I love that phrase. I'm betting on the change of heart, but I guess I'll find out soon.