31 January 2014

Science-Fiction Romance Brigade Presents...

Posting from my WiP
TGfA III: Codename: White Princess (working title)

The Girls From Alcyone is the continuing story of two very special young women who find themselves at the heart of a conflict spanning more than forty worlds.

THIS WEEK: There's so much I want to post, but everything feels like a massive spoiler. So, instead I'll leave you with this, a hint of things that occurred after then end of the Machines. A taste of things to come? Perhaps.

Markus Emerson stood on the balcony of the manor house overlooking his estate. Smoke rose in the distance, thick and black, covering the city in choking darkness. He could just make out the charred remains of the tenement structures beyond the walls of the Kimuran enclave. Flames licked upward, flares of orange and yellow, stark against the blackened sky. There were more fires this night. Many more. Tonight, the city would burn.
They were fools, torching their own homes, their places of business, their own livelihoods. Didn't they realize? No, of course they didn't. This wasn't the work of rational men and women. They were beyond thought, beyond reason. The mob had taken over now, and there was little to do but let the scene play out.
No, that wasn't even true. This was beyond rioting, and Markus knew it. This was revolution. And like a wildfire raging, it came, swift and fierce, just as he predicted.
He had seen it. He had warned them. Of course, they hadn't listened. And now this.
Hitomi's words echoed in his head, the warning spoken so many years ago.
All empires must fall.

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Cheers, Cary!


  1. Gave me chills!

    I am so into this world...thanks for my fix. :D

    Great job, Cary.

    1. Thanks Heidi. Those chills must be from this latest polar vortex.

  2. Very nicely written piece. Sort of like Rome burning.

  3. Intense, beautifully described and his thoughts are so bleak, yet so true. Can't wait to read more in this story...excellent excerpt!

  4. Something tells me the revolution will be coming to Markus' door very soon!

  5. 40 worlds? My, my, you're writing an ambitious story!

    1. LoL. And to think, when I started, it was supposed to be a simple little adventure.