7 February 2014

SFR Presents: TGfA III: Codename: White Princess (working title)

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TGfA III: Codename: White Princess (working title)

The Girls From Alcyone is the continuing story of two very special young women who find themselves at the heart of a conflict spanning more than forty worlds.

THIS WEEK: Just to keep things simple, I'm continuing on from last week's instalment. Markus Emerson continues to monitor the deteriorating situation outside the Kimuran Enclave on Aquarii II.

And, once again, I can't say when or where this scene takes place in the book (no spoilers), or if it will even make the final cut. Who knows!

Part One (Feb 2)
Part Two (Feb 8)

Markus heard the soft footfalls behind him, though he didn't turn. His wife placed an arm around his waist as she came to rest at his side. He caught the scent of her perfume, bergamot and spice. It was subtle; she only ever wore enough that it would be noticed by someone standing very close to her, as she was to him now.
"It's getting worse, isn't it," she said, staring out at the destruction beyond the walls.
Markus smiled. If anyone else had said that, he might assume they were looking for reassurance. But Markus knew his wife well. She might be married to him, but she was no bureaucrat, and she could care less about the business of mercenaries or federated corporations. She was a marine. A Kimuran Marine. Destruction, violence—this was her area of expertise. Her comfort zone.
"General Porter says he can take care of them," she said; Markus caught the chill in her voice. "All you have to do is give the word."
This time, Markus did turn to her. "Genocide? Has it really come to that?"

"Self defense," she answered back, and there was no emotion in her voice or on her face.

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Cheers, Cary!


  1. I REALLY hope this scene makes the cut -- excellent writing, Cary. It said so much in so little space.Painted the mood perfectly.

    1. Thanks Heidi. I think it will make the cut. It's shaping up to be pretty important.

  2. Great scene. I could feel the chill myself!

  3. A fascinating world you've got going on here and I'm with the others - I got the chill too. Really an excellent excerpt, intriguing and smooth.