11 December 2011

Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturdays

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Snippet from The Girls From Alcyone II: 
The Gilded Age (WiP/Working Title)

I’m switching it up this week and moving on to book two. It’s raw and WiPpy, but, hey, that’s half the fun.

Winded, and still struggling to breathe, the young CEO stared up at Sigrid from where he lay sprawled on the ground. Smoke from the explosion still wafted about his head, inducing a new spasm of coughs. The detonation had knocked out the far wall to his office; half the ceiling was gone, and he’d very nearly been killed. Yet this girl stood before him, casual, calm, a hand resting on the curve of her hip.
Cameron George wiped at the grime in his eyes. “What...what are you?”
Sigrid blinked back at him.
He sat up straighter; his breathing had slowed and he was gathering his faculties. “You’re machine, aren’t you,” he said, at last. “Who manufactured you? I must know. Tell me!”
Sigrid sighed and reached out her hand to him, hefting him back to his feet in one easy tug. “I’m not a robot, if that’s what you mean.”
“I’m a girl, Mr. George. I’m just a girl.”

The Girls From Alcyone is now available in eBook and Paperback.
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  1. wait, did I not reply to this? If not, well, I really liked this! Definitely adding it to my list ^_^