17 December 2011

Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturdays

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Snippet from The Girls From Alcyone
Back to book one for this teaser. In this snippet, I thought I’d let the girls show off some of their more advanced ninja techniques as they consider how to infiltrate an enemy encampment.
    Leta's face lit up. "Ooh! I have an idea." She started pulling off her shorts and shirt. "Rosa's always going on about misdirection, right…" In a matter of seconds she had stripped herself down to her underwear.
All the girls had gone through a rather healthy growth spurt thanks to their modifications and enhancements, but the process provided an added effect on Leta and her more obvious womanly attributes. Leta untied her hair to release the tight ponytail she kept and shook out her voluminous curls. They cascaded over her shoulders and down the curve of her bare back, reaching down to the narrow tuck of her waist. At nearly six feet, the term statuesque hardly did Leta justice. Her full, curving hips gave way to a pair of long and stemmy legs; the simple bra she wore labored to contain her shapely breasts. Sigrid felt positively like a child in comparison.
Suko grinned. "This is your plan?"


  1. Interesting plan she's got there :D

  2. Great snippet teaser! I know what happens next!!! Shhhh...!! :)

  3. Love the descriptions...and a bit of misdirection for a plan, eh? Great teaser!

  4. Love your descriptions.

  5. Titillating--pun intended. ;)

    I love the playful sensuality here. It's very empowering when a woman uses her sexuality, like in the movie SUCKERPUNCH.

    And there is such excitement in the idea that Leta is just coming into this new power, testing it, as she would any fighting skill or one of diplomacy.

    And you give us this beautiful hint that she'll one day embrace it. Your book is next in my Kindle! I should get to it by Christmas--can't wait.

    Now I have to go comment on your Writing about sex post....

  6. I love Sucker Punch. I think my and I were the only people around who liked, and 'got' that movie. lol.

  7. Great little snippet! Definitely something I'm going to enjoy reading!

  8. Generation gap (or Atlantic gap)--"stemmy" legs? I assume their enemies are male?

  9. Intriguing ... although I guess entirely fair.