4 January 2013

The Deserters

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Snippet from my WiPpet
The Girls From Alcyone II: Freelancer

This Week: In this snip: Christian finds himself contemplating his recent defection from the Kimuran naval forces, and his appointment to commander of the Hayate, a small, obsolete destroyer in service to Sigrid's new fleet.

Deserters, traitors, is that what they were? Criminals to be hung from the gallows?
Christian had no qualms about what he'd done. It wasn't treason, far from it. He had been there that day on Aquarii, witnessed the betrayal of the Lady Kimura, by her board, and by her own son. If there was any question of treason or desertion, Christian knew with whom the real betrayal lay.
And, he had hardly been alone in his thinking. Scores of workers, soldiers, officers—even a Fleet Admiral—had left Aquarii in order to follow and serve the great Lady Kimura. And as Christian scanned the bridge crew again, his crew, he knew he had never seen such loyalty and devotion. This wasn't desertion. This was dedication.

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  1. Ooh, those last two lines gave me a shiver. Very nicely written.

  2. Brilliant how you dive right in to the mindset of civil war. It's personal and passionate. You convey that nicely here.

  3. Very nice. And can I just say, I'm waiting patiently for this to be released... :D

  4. I'm intrigued...you've got a great anime vibe going.

  5. I kept hearing Ben Kenobi saying "from a certain point of view..." Nice work, and I'm looking forward to your sequel.

  6. This is a moving handful of sentences. His sincerity is unquestionable and you're right there with him and his conviction.

  7. Powerful, emotional scene, Cary!

    And, I have always liked Christian's characterization.

    :) Heidi

  8. "This wasn't desertion. This was dedication."

    Love these two lines. What a powerful scene!