25 January 2013

Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday: Fugitive

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This Week: Posting from "The Girls From Alcyone II: Freelancer."


Continuing last week's snippet (still aboard the TGV), today we find out a little more of what Dr. Farrington is up to, and what has brought him to Bellatrix. Hmm...

Dr. Farrington's hands found their way, once more, inside the pockets of his coat, digging deep, searching. His damp fingers coiled around the tiny object thrust there—if only to reassure himself that it was still there, still safe.
It had not been easy to smuggle off of Scorpii, but he had done what was necessary, and now it was his, and his alone. The tiny data module, no larger than a smoothed pebble, was crammed with vast petabytes of data—exact copies of each of the girls' Primary Control Modules from Scorpii. This was his insurance. This was his future. With this, he knew, he could name his price. Now, all he needed was time. Time to study. Time to plan.


  1. some great details, like - once more and damp fingers - gives us insight into the character - insecure and nervous. I liked the short sentences at the end of the snippet also - showing his mind racing with thoughts. Great snippet!

  2. I totally get that - when you have to keep checking something really is there in your pocket! Nice :)

  3. exact copies of each of the girls' Primary Control Modules from Scorpii

    WOW! This opens up an awesome plotline, Cary. But I would expect no less from you.

    ;) Heidi

  4. So many hints of what he is thinking and plotting, and a strong air of malevolence. I am intrigued to know where this is going, and what the Doctor is planning...

  5. Wow, you've packed so much possibility and intrigue into these sentences, and each sentence is so well written. Wonderful snippet.

  6. Very intriguing! Hmmm indeed! I'm excited to get further into this.

  7. Replies
    1. Well, he ain't no good guy, but, as far as life in Alcyone-Land goes, I don't think anyone really knows who that good guy is yet. I think they all think they're the good guy.

      Maybe I've said too much...

  8. Uh oh. Sounds like trouble. But it also sounds like exactly the place for trouble.

    Loved all the sensory details.

    (and sorry for taking so long to comment)

  9. Uh-oh...!

    I think this data is going to be used for nefarious deeds!

  10. Holy Crap on a Cracker! That is so very not good.

    1. Oh no! You hated my snippet! *holds head in hands, sobs* Oh, wait, or did you mean...